"Ecosystem Of The Future"






Wider Coin ( WDR) is the next generation digital currency built with blockchain technology. The Wider Coin operates as the world's digital currency, incorporating online e-commerce systems, shopping and real trade payment systems. With Api integrations, it is aimed to increase the use of wider coin and ensure its worldwide availability by creating a secure digital money payment network.

 What are WIDER Platforms?

Wider Mobile App - Wider E-Commerce - Wider SME Systems - Wider Coin Exchange - Wider Shop Cafe

 Problems and Solutions

Wider ecosystem, we offer our potential investors and wider coin users expert payment systems within the wider ecosystem that facilitates life where security is at the highest level and personal data is protected. With the Wider ecosystem, it provides the opportunity to store your savings in a secure, virtual, anonymous manner, while providing daily Wider Coin income with the ‘Wider of Wider’ technology. While you can convert to cash from stock exchanges at any time of the day, you can also convert to cash from our wider exchange offices. In addition, we offer an ecosystem where you can shop with your Wider Coins 24/7. For our merchants, we will provide more cash flow and customer potential, while at the same time gainful structures within the ecosystem, providing many advantages in the digital industry and in digital advertising.