"Ecosystem Of The Future"





       In conjunction with our solution partners within the global ecosystem of Wider coin, we offer our potential investors, traders a strategy consisting of multiple platforms to provide more revenue, tremendous benefits, and dedicated application opportunities. With this strategy, we will offer our traders more sales, more customers, more advertising opportunities. We will offer our potential investors and users more space to use WDR coins within the Wider ecosystem. WIDER is a lucrative project for everyone. It is designed as a solution that you can both earn and earn while responding to different needs and different types of communities. 

        With the Wider Coin ecosystem platform, it will provide innovative transfer, payment and investment services using blockchain technology. In the Wider ecosystem, users will be able to trade through exchanges. In addition, they will be able to use Wider coins by shopping with the e-commerce platform and customer loyalty program (SME shopping integration). If we had exchange offices that provide real services and you could make coin purchases and sales from these offices, it would be great, isn’t it? With the integration of Debit card and other payment systems, we will be in front of you with an ecosystem where you can pay for your daily purchases with our contracted SMEs, Wider Coin and other coins. E-commerce sites will push our wider ecosystem dream world a little bit with the integration service we will provide to mobile applications. All of these platforms will be opened to your service, and we are proud to provide these services to you. With the vision and mission of Wider, our goal will always be to provide more opportunities for our innovative and valuable wider business partners.